The LB is building diversity in leadership.

Since 2013, The Leadership Brainery’s founders have provided leadership development to college groups around the country to empower, uplift, and train student leaders who will become the world’s next trailblazers. The LB National Ambassador Fellowship is a 3-Year incubator for first-generation and diverse college student leaders to prepare for and gain access to top graduate & professional schools. We do this through innovative technology, National Impact Summits, yearly projects, summer internships, and creative content; to build diversity in leadership within Legal, STEM, Medical, Arts, & Finance. As a Green-House Initiative of the Marion Institute, we are a 501c3 tax-exempt.

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MISSION: To equip extraordinary young leaders from diverse backgrounds so they can gain entry into and transform leadership nationwide.

VISION: We envision a day when top-tier graduate and professional school classrooms throughout the country are enriched by an equitable representation of first-generation and diverse students, empowered to transform our country’s leadership.

VALUES: Love, Integrity, Access, Diversity, Service, Empowerment, and Excellence.
— Jonathan Allen & Derrick Young Jr., Founders