Student Application

Hello! Welcome to Phase 1 of the National Ambassador Fellowship Selection Process. You have made it here because The LB Team appreciates you, your leadership, and your commitment to making change for the greater good. While we have heard great things about you from your nomination, we want to learn more. Phase 1 is a time for you to showcase your uniqueness, creativity, and storytelling skills. Please follow the 3 Steps to complete Phase 1. Remember to take your time, relax, and do your absolute best! If you advance to Phase 2, you will hear from us within a week. We are so excited to receive your application! Thanks.

Applications are due 30 days after you receive notice of advancement via email.

Step 1: Upload your resume.

The Upload Button will redirect you. Please return to complete application.

Step 2: Please read requirements before starting the application.

Ambassador Application includes:

  • Candidate’s Biographical Information, including:

    • Name

    • School and Major

    • GPA

    • Phone

    • Email Address

    • Mailing Address

  • Writing Supplements

    • Interest: Law, Health, STEM, Finance, Non-profit, Entertainment, and/or others.

    • Personal Statement (Max. 1000 words)

      • Tell us about your background and what makes you different.

      • Tell us what you can gain from being selected as a 2019 LB Ambassador.

      • Tell us what leadership means to you.

    • Creative Video Presentation

      This phase requires for you to submit a 3-5 minute video to YouTube for review. Please be as creative and detailed as possible.

      • Tell or show us how you are currently making change.

      • Tell or show us how you plan to make change in the future.

        Your video may be shared if you’re selected for Phase 2.

Step 3: Complete application form below. Before submitting, Please save a copy of your application for yourself and Be sure to check for excitement, flow, grammar, & spelling.

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