Purpose & Outcomes

Our National Ambassador Fellowship serves  as a pipeline program for first-generation and diverse college student leaders  to gain access to top-tier graduate/professional schools. Extraordinary first-generation and diverse college student leaders are selected from a pool of nominated rising sophomores. Ambassadors are selected from each state, as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, to create a robust cohort enriched by a diversity of representations and perspectives.

The Ambassadors receive three years of leadership/professional/personal development, LSAT/GRE/MCAT/GMAT materials and preparation, and admissions preparation/support.  The Ambassadors also attend three National Impact Summits (featuring leading experts & expert leaders) each year that enrich their capacities to make healthy choices, lead with confidence, be resourceful advocates and responsible citizens.  

Our unprecedented pipeline of first-generation and diverse student leaders will gain access to leading graduate/professional academic programs. Graduate and Professional Degree programs, along with employers, will have access to an elite pool of qualified and confident first-generation and diverse student leaders. As a result, leading industries will have a trusted diversity pipeline.

We embed self-efficacy and capacity building through: 

  • Innovative Programming

  • Enriching Experiences

  • LSAT/GRE/GMAT/MCAT Preparation

  • Graduate/Professional School Admissions Education

  • Strategic Planning

  • Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Relationship Formation

  • Personal Brand Development

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coalition Building

  • Financial Literacy



The Leadership Brainery Ambassadors Become:

  1. Qualified graduate/professional School Candidates

  2. Qualified Job Candidates

  3. equipped for the LSAT/GRE/gmat/MCAT

  4. Educated on graduate/professional School Admissions Processes

  5. Familiar with diverse communities/industries early in their college careers

  6. Confident Individuals/leaders

  7. Responsible Citizens

  8. Innovative & Critical Thinkers

  9. Exposed Learners

  10. Relationship Builders

  11. Impactful Public Servants

  12. Change Agents with a national network