Nomination Process

We believe exposure and development are the correct methods to pipeline more first-generation and diverse leaders into the workforce and leading academic programs. During our three-year cohort program, we focus on long-term development and preparation for effective social and professional engagement.  Once our student leaders graduate college, they will be prepared to enter top graduate/professional schools and lead at their best potential.

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1) Each year we select a cohort of first-generation and diverse rising college sophomores. Each Ambassador commits to our cohort program for three years (through senior graduation). 

2) Each Ambassador attends 9 National Impact Summits throughout the Fellowship (Each Fall, Spring, Summer).      

3) Each summer the Ambassadors obtain an internship that challenges and strengthens their personal and professional development.

4) Each year Ambassadors will engage various Campus-based, Community-based, and National projects to enhance their strategic planning, writing, and critical thinking.

5) Ambassadors undergo strategic preparation for graduate/professional admissions tests and admissions processes.

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The Leadership Brainery seeks students who:

  • Are innovative leaders and change agents in their colleges and/or communities

  • Demonstrate commitment to diversity within their school and/or community

  • Show dedication to hard work, equity, justice, leadership, and unity

  • Demonstrate interest in graduate/professional school

  • Are interested in graduate/professional school

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To be eligible, a college student leader must:

  • Be nominated by at least one of the following:

    • a college official (Administrator, Faculty, or Staff)

    • a community-based organization

    • a peer

    • or, themselves (explanation required).

  • Nominated student must be on track to graduate May 2022.

  • Nominated student must be a diverse (racial/ethnic minority) and/or first-generation college student

  • Nominated student must be an active member of a student or community organization

  • Nominator must fully complete Nomination Form. See instructions here.


Selection Process (Rolling recruitment)

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