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National Ambassador Fellowship

1) How Do I Become A National Ambassador Fellow?

Someone who can speak to your character and leadership must nominate you. For example, a college professor, administrator, staff, a community organization, peer or even family can nominate you.  Check out the process here!

2) I’m Not A Freshman. Can I still apply for the National Ambassador Fellowship?

Our Fellowship is three years long, which starts the first semester of the Ambassador’s sophomore year. So, unfortunately, we can only accept nominations for and applications from current freshmen (rising sophomores).

3) What is the cost?

There is NO application or program cost for the National Ambassador Fellowship.

4) I nominated someone/I was nominated. When will I hear back?

Only nominees who advance to Phase 1 will receive an application to apply from The Leadership Brainery. Those selected for Phase 1 will receive notification by May 1, 2019.

5) When does the National Ambassador Fellowship Begin?

The first National Impact Summit is October 2019 in Massachusetts.

6) Can someone who is not first-generation or not diverse participate?

Yes. Those who are not the first in their family to attend college, but identify as diverse (an ethnic minority) can participate.

Yes. Those who are not diverse (an ethnic minority), but are the first in their family to attend college can participate.

7. Does each Ambassador represent their home residence or university-based residence?

University-based residence.

8. Am I guaranteed acceptance into a graduate or professional school?

No. As an Ambassador, you will receive development and preparation for graduate and professional school. We will work with each Ambassador to ensure they are qualified and on track for the admissions process. The Ambassadors’ overall commitment to the program and preparation will determine their chances for admittance.

Donors and Supporters

1) How do I Donate?

Thanks for supporting The Leadership Brainery. You can donate at this link or if you would like to send us a check, please email us or complete the Contact Form below.

2) Are donations to The Leadership Brainery 501(c)(3) tax-exempt?

Yes, as a Greenhouse Initiative of The Marion Institute, your donation is tax-deductible. Funds collected are solely for The Leadership Brainery.

3) What is your EIN?

The Leadership Brainery is a Greenhouse Initiative of The Marion Institute (EIN 04-3206583).

4) What other ways can I support The Leadership Brainery?

We truly appreciate your eagerness to help us uplift more first-generation and diverse student leaders. Check out our Ways To Participate !

5) How do I keep up with The Leadership Brainery?

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6) How do I reach the LB Team?

You can reach us by completing the form below, emailing us at leader@theleadershipbrainery.org or texting us at (857) 576-0645. We look forward to hearing from you!

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