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Each One, Teach One is an African-American proverb. The phrase originated in the United States during slavery when Africans were denied education, including learning to read. Many, if not most, enslaved people were kept in a state of ignorance about anything beyond their immediate circumstances which were under control of owners, the law makers and authorities. When a person learned or was taught to read, it became his duty to teach someone else, spawning the phrase "Each One, Teach One".

We, at the LB, want the entire population to adopt this method. As we advance, learn, and gain access, we must teach our young rising leaders to do the same. The LB’s Each One, Teach One (EOTO) Donors List recognizes those who support by giving $100 or more!

Our EOTO Donors who supported with $1,000+ are marked ***

EOTO Donors

1) Ronald Crawley

2) Cecily Banks

3) Claude Nelson

4) Earnest Offley

5) Briana Williams

6) Dimitrios Rizos

7) Emanuel Harding

8) Emily Ling

9) Vincent Powell

10) Dr. Anthony Schlaff

11) Alyssa & Andy Arens

12) Dr. Ruben Habito

13) Omari Jahi Aarons***

14) Terrence Britt & Adam Taylor

15) Maggie Taylor

16) Craig Mathews

17) Derrick Petit

18) Tarae Howell

19) Britt Dixon

20) Randy Justin

21) Jevon Daurbigny

22) Jennifer Galvez & Ms. Annette

23) Sofia Gorenstein

24) Jesus Zelaya

25) Dawn & Eddie Skillington

26) Viet Phan

27) Jon Roberts

28) Shira Megerman

29) Ronald Wheeler

30) Angela Gomes

31) Chaloea Williams

32. Charles Lewis

33. Arianne Waldron

34. Courtney Scrubbs

35. Gavin F. Alexander***

36. Stacey Dogan

37. Tarlton Wade

38. Shannon + Emmanuel Fairley-Pittman

39. David Harris & Janet Walton