How to start your "A seat at the table" facebook fundraiser


How to start your "A seat at the table" facebook fundraiser -

4 simple steps 

STEP 1) **CLICK HERE**: You will be redirected to a new window. Please refer back to this window for further instructions. 

STEP 2) Select "Raise Money for a Nonprofit", then find "The Marion Institute, Inc." (It's located in Marion, MA. They handle The Leadership Brainery finances to ensure donations are used properly and responsibly)

STEP 3) Optional - You can change the picture to add a special celebratory touch. (photo attached below)

STEP 4) Press Next:
Change Title to

"Seat At The Table Fundraiser for The Leadership Brainery"


"For my birthday this year I want to uplift young people! I want to help them get a seat at the table. The Leadership Brainery is making it happen. They're developing diverse and first-generation college student leaders all around the country, and they need our support! It's for culture, community, generational wealth, education, and diverse leadership. Any donation, whether $5 or $500, will make my birthday special and benefit so many young people and communities. Thank you! All funds are handled by the Marion Institute and are 501c3 tax-deductible. Visit their FB page @theleadershipbrainery to learn more about what they do and to see where your investment is going! #SeatAtTheTable Campaign!"

Make This Your Celebratory Cover!